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Q: I am interested in pursuing this program. How do I get started?
One of our team members will contact you shortly to answer your queries. Meanwhile, we request you to go through our website www.healthinformaticstechnology.com  or you may also call at (866) 947-7742 to speak to us today.

Q: I have an extremely busy work and family life and cannot attend classes each week. Is the HIT’s training workshop for me?

Yes. This workshop is designed for working professionals / students who are preoccupied with their work / studies. Workshops are designed to be scheduled on a weekend to make it easy for the participants to take up the course.

Q: How large are the classes in terms of number of students?
In general, we accommodate 20 students in a workshop. It is observed that confined class strength helps  our committed faculties to offer individual attention to the qualified students from  diverse fields .

What are the computer requirements for participation in the program?

A laptop with configuration not later than 2010 and MS Office tools like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

What tests are required for admission? How much do they count? Should I take them before I apply to the program?
There are no tests required for admission or attending the workshop. It is recommended that the students should have good communication skills.

I am interested in attending this program. How do I get started?
One of our team members is ready to answer all of your questions and guide you through the steps necessary to register to this program. You can start the registration process by filling the enquiry form or you may call (866) 947-7742 to speak to us today.

How do you compare this two day program to any long term course being offered by Universities?
This two day (16 hours) intensive program is designed by industry professionals with more than 20 years of real time expertise. We understand the need of the evolving market. The curriculum is updated and customized periodically to ensure that the program meets the current training needs of the job market.

The program is split into small sessions so as to not to overload the students. These sessions are interactive involving the students and the instructor with real time examples and case studies. The program enables each student to work individually and as a team, while accomplishing the tasks assigned by the instructor.

How much does the program cost?
We offer attractive fee packages to individuals, corporate and student groups attending this program. This includes the breakfast, snacks, and lunch. However, individuals can also avail early bird specials. Please contact us (866) 947-7742 for more details on the fee structures.

* Course fee is based on the current program schedule and is subject to change.

Is this program accredited? – remove this question
No. This program is certified by an autonomous panel elected by the organization. The panel consists of doctorates; scientists, doctors, academicians and industry personnel. The program is designed to measure up to standards developed by a national consensus of professionals in the field. Our certification meets or exceeds the industry criteria established by the profession for entry into the field of HIT.

I am a working professional and lead a busy work and family life. How will I take this program? - Repeated
We understand your situation. This program is a two day (16 hours) intensive workshop, unlike other programs that run for months / years. All you need to do is spare a weekend - leave your place on a Friday evening after your work, attend the workshop on Saturday and Sunday and head back to home on Sunday evening.

Will you provide any study material and related stuff for practice?
Yes, we provide you with course material that is necessary for you to practice after the program. Students are advised to take their own notes during the session.

What should I carry to the workshop?
We request the students to carry their laptops / tablet PCs, etc., with below specifications:

Laptops / Tablet PCs

  • Processor: Minimum Pentium III or equivalent
  • Memory: Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: Minimum 8 GB free space
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / a network cable
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later / Linux / MAC OS 10 or higher / Android 4.x / IOS 6
  • Applications: An active antivirus program, Microsoft Office Suite or similar, Acrobat Reader

* Please Note: Students using Word 2007 or later, may encounter problems while sharing your documents electronically; therefore, we request you to save your documents in a format that is compatible with earlier versions for Word.

How do I get admitted?
The technical team evaluates each student on communication skills and scholastic aptitude. Those who qualify and meet the admission criteria will be accepted into the program.

What are my chances of being admitted?
Each workshop is limited to 20 students. Hence, it is difficult to predict the chances of any student being admitted. We request the students to complete the admission procedures and better their chances of being selected to the program.

Are there any pre-requisite courses at for the program? – we do not offer any online course.
All graduates either from Information Technology or Healthcare are eligible for attending the program. However, you can choose to avail the optional Business Analysis (BA) course being offered online by the company. It is often observed that candidates coming from BA background or completing the BA course understand the program better.

What are the chances of finding jobs after the course?
The chances are very promising. Though, every occupational opportunity is unique, the growing demand for qualified HIT professionals will help students find jobs very soon.

Will the program help me prosper in the health informatics field?
The program is designed to enable students like you to built a successful career focused on the applied knowledge of HIT.

I come from an IT background and will this help me move into Healthcare?
Your experience as an IT professional would certainly provide the launching point into the healthcare industry. In general, previous IT experience can be built upon and applied to HIT in creating a new set of complementary skills. HIT is an extension of Information Technology, where new ways of solving technology-related problems are identified and discussed. HIT also combines clinical and health related with social sciences and helps the technologist to be a leader in this field.

What salary can be expected after completing the program?
This is a difficult question to answer. Salary depends on several factors including but not limited to job level, employer, geographic location and industry demand. In general, an MS in Healthcare or IT, along with related experience, could fetch a six-figure salary. Management positions should expect more.

What advice you have for me, as I consider taking this program?
Like any other certification training program, the end result of this program complements the effort the student puts into their studies. However, we expect the students to not just complete the program to obtain a certificate, but to explore the opportunity available to learn and be guided by professionals who have extensive industry experience to share with students. We wish that you conscientiously participate and be connected with the industry, our faculty and with the coursework.

I am neither from a healthcare background nor from IT. Will I be able to advance into this field?
Yes, you will. Generally, people with healthcare or IT experience and degrees are in high demand today, the growth in this industry is providing phenomenal opportunities for individuals with a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences. Knowledge of business processes outside the healthcare industry is an advantage in many cases, particularly relating to project management skills and development techniques, and knowledge of general business applications.

We offer pre-requisite courses that help our non IT / healthcare students gain the required knowledge about IT and medical terminology and US healthcare systems. During the program, we make students who are healthcare professionals interact with non-healthcare students, and IT professionals with non IT sharing their experiences and thoughts.

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